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Apr 25, 2012

Bet I Got Some FOAMS!

This homie always comes down and supports, he picked up a couple steals that Carl 
recommended Aj 5 Olive's for 65$ Cant go wrong. Thanks for stopping by bro! Make sure to
swing by next time you're near LA. 

What Cargo Carl wore::: AJ 1 BRED 94' Retro. 

 Some new Arrivals for the Day!

Some Nice UNDFTD Converse for the summer?

 ScHoolboy Q swung by with Ab-soul, Amack, Junbug to pick up some Electrolime Foams.

For 260$ can't beat that Price!

After that they all started playing this game where they throw a quarter at the wall 
and it bounces, I personally didn't know how the game worked But they were betting 
100$ dollar plays haha :0 

The quarter on the floor??

 Sample King Murad of course is thinking about purchasing these. 
They are the Ron Cameron Sample. It's only 200$

We just got in some History of Flight Jordan 13's. FOR 1800$

 Here is one air force that came out this year that i really liked, the AF1 Year of The Dragon, just simple black and white . We at RIF sold them for only 165$ That's under retail though.

 Jeff's new socks to match his True Blue 3's.

Make sure and swing by and buy your self a RIF LA Lighter. 
We don't all smoke cigarets, YUCK! 

Manwell Chillen' growing his beard and inputting shoes in the System!

While Carl Stayed at the shop by him self me and Murad left him alone. We walked down to
USPS to ship some International stuff out and Ed caught us, He yelled at Murad to get back to shop as he points towards the store hahaha!

 What Ed wore ::: Comme de Garcon Chuckys!

 I get it Nima, you have a nice car Show off! :)

After we sent out all the international orders
 Murad decided to send out a letter to his friend, I don't know why he just cant E-mail him? 


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