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Apr 27, 2012

Busy Friday.

These past couple days have been pretty busy. We received a lot of consignment 
with all that consignment means more orders. Unfortunately tomorrow we 
will be closing early. Since we are closing early we will be opening early. 
So doors will be open from 11am to 2pm on 04/28
Jeff's laptop "Good People Helping Good People "
We need to make more of these stickers.

Walking down 2nd street you never really know what to expect.
These people are out here almost everyday playing music, You can catch them anywhere like in front of a Sushi place or even American apparel. Sometimes beside RIF .
All RIF EVERYTHING!! Thinking about making this into a T shirt.
Some new arrivals for this Friday .
What murad Wore today. DB 6s went up in price so much. 
Luckily he bought them for retail.
Bordeaux 7s With that lace Job!
Give me two pairs!!!!
New arrivals right before we closed.
Some Goodies in the Back!
These free runs must be really comfy if ed has 5 pairs. These right here are brand new.
Just in case Ed Gets a little tired. 


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