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May 25, 2012


Lately we've been pretty busy as usual here at the shop. Unfortunately our site was down for maintenance. So we apologize if you didn't see any new items. There is no need to worry we will update about 60 pairs of shoes today.

On another note just a few days ago soulja boy came by to pick up some kicks and we hooked him up with some hats. We right away noticed the Big Phantom Ghost and all of us were wondering who it was inside. Out came Soulja boy. Really Nice dude extremely humble as well.

 Murad was a little nervous as you can tell as soon as he saw him come in.
 After buying some Aj 4 cavs he started looking at the hats that he liked. Carl was pretty star struck. 

Make sure to follow him on Instagram @souljaboytellem
 Black cement 3s on feet. 

   His ride. Imagine trying to drive one of these? They're huge!

Carl Had to take a picture for His instagram lol!
Shout outs to Soulja!
As you can see manwell had to get a picture too. It was just to blurry due to the fact that  carl was really nervous taking the picture lol.

After Murad had a hard day at work and meeting soulja boy had him a little overwhelmed the only thing he was looking forward to was his new car that he just bought.

 Check it out murad rollin' in style. We all wanted him to drop his top.

He even put the TV inside. I get it murad you get money. 
 It wouldn't be his car if he didn't have the Supreme Sticker in the back. That's how you know it's real. 
 As you can see murad loves speeding down Second street so if you see him i really doubt he's going to  be able to say "what's up" to you lol.

 View from manwell's car. 
 Murad and Manwell in the back. Really don't know why Manny came out of no where. Maybe he wanted some pictures too. lol. 

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