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May 31, 2012

RIF Loading Zone.

If you haven't got your RIF LA Lighter make sure to swing by the shop we only have one more case left . As you can see we started carrying one of the best shoe cleaners around. Give more details later on.

Some Enpanadas from Red Ribbon, thanks a lot to TANTUM ZEE! they were delicious. 
 We all ate 3 each lol, They we're too good!
 Carl Wanted a picture of him for his " Asian girl " Interview . Lol they asked him if he had ever dated an Asian woman and he said no. They asked him what he loves about Asian women, *stayed quiet for a minute .
 Zee and company.

 This is what ZEE thinks about our new cameras. I get it you don't like them haha!

ZEE, JEFF & ED Chillen' outside enjoying the sunny Los Angeles day. 

ZdoubleE's W)Tap Shorts! You need these in the summer time!
 Carl said he loves these! So if anyone knows where to get some his size 10 Let him know he wants to wear them with no socks though.

 Manwell and Ed Hard at work! making sure every box is there.
 I get it Manwell you're wearing AJKO's Because the new ones are dropping.

 Ed acting like he's helping Manwell. Make sure not to park in front of the store since it is "Loading" Unless you have commercial plates, you will get a ticket. We've seen people get tickets in less than 20 seconds . $53 DOWN the drain for that ticket.
 Manwell said "Picture Break" lol

 More than 50 pairs buyback!


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