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Nov 28, 2008


Hope everyone had a great Thanks Giving with their friends and family. We were blessed with a visit from our good friend Alfredo, who brought us this huge burrito that we all inhaled! Thanks ALFREDO!!!

Jeffs good friend Mike O came back from Georgia, where hes training for " U.S. Customs & Boarder Protection". After training he'll be working back here @ LAX for customs. So whoever has stuff stuck in customs, hit me up! SIKE!

We just received a handful of 9.5 kicks for really reasonble prices, but these will only be available IN-STORE. Vanilla Ice blazers vnds $75, purple avengers $75, True reds $75, Ulrich dunk hi $50, kashima 97 $75, Opium 180 $75, some zoom tre FT samples for $50, etc. Just a little example of whats in there. We'll be posting some random shoes that will only be available IN-STORE on our blog. So definitely be on the look out!

Couldn't make it down to UNDFTD personally, but I did get a surprise right when I came into work. THANK YOU UNDFTD and thanks HALLIE!


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