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Dec 23, 2010


Just in time for the holidays, one of our close FAM recently opened FHQ in the City of Cerritos (The old Stacks Record Shop ). This is not your typical clothing shop, its a cross between a BMX/Skate/Shoe/Clothing shop all rolled up in one spot. So if your in the CERRITOS/OC area make sure to stop by the shop and let them know that RIF sent you.

18300 Gridley rd. #B artesia/cerritos CA, 90701

some specialty skate decks...

handcrafted wood fixtures

I need that FONEY tee in a size LARGE please.

OG BMX bikes, these are probably worth a WHITE SUPREME Low each!

Swing by the shop and pick yourself up some FHQ stickers..

Lil Foney already being put to work...

As for the sneaker section, we'll be the ones personally dropping a handful of kicks every week till we can fill it right up. Note that the prices are going to be more reasonable, and its pretty much just another outlet for us to unload some kicks.

Support the movement ....


Anonymous said...

would you guys check out designs on shirts?

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