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Dec 16, 2010


After a late night last night we got to the shop bright and early, as you all probably already know our daily work hours extend from that of the normal 12-7pm shop time. Though the doors open at 12pm (12:15 when Edouche works) we are normally up 10am sharp(if not earlier) having meetings, checking orders, answering emails and prepping the shop for the days festivities.

Here's a rare glimpse of RIF's very own Manny fresh bright and early in the morning. Don't be alarmed that's how Manny looks all day long.

Did we mention Manny doesn't drink coffee, instead for his caffeine fix he downs a couple cans of GRAPE Fanta.

One of the first Orders of the DAY. DS Original AJ 11 Concords. Forget the COOL Grey retro, retro of the retros, retro... Save a little extra change and get an Original Pair.

Here are a few sneaker shots of the day.

What Heffe wore today. Air Max 2009. Refined X Comfortable X State of the Art

Sometimes you need to give your Vans a rest and treat your feet to some comfort.

The first and best POORMAN Weapons out of the bunch... in our opinion.

Edouche has SOo many sneakers but he always wears converse. At least its better than his loafers. SMH

We're in full swing of the winter here in socal, thats if you call 75 degree weather winter.
Nice boots.

Our boy JB came through the shop and broke all our necks. Forget those Nike Full Court Stussy's Step your Stussy inspired sneaker game up.

As you know good things come in 2's. soon as JB left the shop we received a pair of Stussy Blazers. This was the FIRST time we ever received a worn pair of Stussy Blazers on consignment don't SLEEP.

Some more new ARRIVALS for the DAY. NOT EVEN THE Tip of the Iceberg.
We are averaging close to 50 pairs a day. Your sure to find something.

Click here

Did we mention good things come in 2's?

By the end of the day, Manny was fully energized and ready to WORK.

What Manny ate. -Meat Ball SUB minus the meatballs and add Turkey. The Manny special.

Black and Yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow....aaaahhhh haaaaa -(wiz khalifa voice)

Heffe chatting it up with ALI and School Boy Q of the TDE CAMP.

Watch out for SchoolboyQ's much anticipated mixtape, #SETBACKS dropping sooooon.


With all these crazy cartoon X street wear collaborations sometimes it makes you wonder whats the real meaning behind all these creations. Genuine like in the collaborations or another motive? Who knows.

Our Boy Sergio stopped by the shop and gave us a few T's. We always love up and coming brands trying to make it. Thanks again Sergio.

real shoe heads KEEP ON STACKIN'

Christmas is just around the corner, make sure to stop by RIF for your shopping needs. We have everything for everyone! Your pops, you brother, sister, friend, girlfriend, jumpoff, cousin, gardner, neighbor, boss, kids, you name it, we got it!

If you place and complete your order by 2 PM on the 19th of DECEMBER you will recieve your package in time for CHRISTMAS. (for domestic buyers)


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