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Dec 23, 2010


It has been 4 strong years over here @ RIF LA and we don't plan on slowing down anytime soon, more like expanding very soon. If there was one thing we've learn from working @ RIF LA, it was all about GOOD PEOPLE HELPING GOOD PEOPLE. From helping all of our consignment sellers sell their shoes, to helping them find their GRAILS, we've met a lot of GOOD people since day 1.

Our philosophy of Good People Helping Good People ties in to all of our supporters donating shoes to our store so we can help the good less fortunate people of Skidrow Los Angeles, its because of you, they don't need to walk around with holes in their shoes or even walk around barefoot.

So it only made sense to put our Philosophy on our 4 YEAR tee and best believe we'll stick to it forever.

4 YR. Good People Helping Good People tee NOW AVAILABLE. $24.00

We will have 4 different colorways available by this Sunday, but tomorrow we'll only have the BLACK/WHITE available.


(not high)
Big thanks to all of our supporters since day one, that includes all of our sellers, customers, people we met just through the shop and everyone who's became part of the family.


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