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Dec 27, 2010


We hope everyone had a great Christmas weekend with their family and friends! Hopefully everyone spent it with their family and not at a club or something. Did everybody get what they wanted for Christmas? Maybe a nice pair of kicks?!

Thank you GUY for the Christmas card! shabu shabu when you get back?

AL, the man behind SNEAKER GODS. Thanks for all the goods you've been blessing us with!

Good People bringing by a couple pairs of donations, ya'll are appreciated.

Someone dropped their babys pacifier on the floor, so if you want it back, MANNYfresh will have it on his finger for the meantime.

Speaking of baby shoes, HEFFE just got another package today, yes more baby shoes...

those pink xis are just fire...

Edouche blessing Willie with 2 pairs of DONATED jordans for Christmas, I can't even explain how happy he was! Isn't he looking quite sharp for the holidays?

big reppin that 334A ...

snowboarding shoes by Nike ACG... nice.

Shouts to the good peoples over at PRIMITIVE for kindly giving us a couple necessary hooded jackets for the cold holidays. Thank you guys!

speaking of giving, thank you EDOUCHe for giving me a bag full of socks for Christmas! Thats all I ever wanted :) you the man!

speaking of giving, I just had to give myself these huaraches below! NAVY is my color.

Been dumb busy @ the shop, everybody got that Christmas mula on deck and they ain't sleeping today.

and the other side...

Seems like everyones been visiting us today, homie Alfred swung by to drop all of us off a couple MONOTONE tees ... thank you sir.

Look who else stopped by, Paula, super photoshopper of RIF LA. She said all she wanted for Christmas was a picture with the infamous JUANeats, so of course we had to make her wish come true. Merry Christmas guys!

Its always good see your favorite couples get back together right on time for the holidays, ya'll are meant to be... i'm tellin you! They stay reppin us, thats love!

homie Max also came down to chill for the day and he even bought all of us some Curry House for lunch. Thank you boss, can't wait for that special chair by the way..

It was Manny and Juans first time eating Curry and it took them just 1 bite to get hooked, but next time we'll be ordering the hamburger patty curry. yummmmmm

A LOT of Sneaker Shots of the Day:

Good People Helping Good People. Make sure you swing by the shop and pick up our 4YR Anniversary tee, we'll get the rest of the colors by Wednesday. Thank you to all of our supporters once again, all of you are honestly are like family to us and we appreciate all the support. 4 YEARS and INFINITE more YEARS to come! We'll be making a huge collage of all of our supporters who's purchased our 4 YEARs tee.

Heres a couple our REAL supporters!

Chaz Rabena, aka filipino MAMBA!

good peoples at theATTIC

the couple
ROB, man behind FOODw/SOLE
Steve, 1 of the people behind Archrival already applying our philosophy, and Juan getting caught grubbin as always..


Guy said...

Your Welcome. I'll be back on the 10th. Shabu for sure. Hope you have a safe and happy New Year.

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