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Apr 26, 2010

" 9.5 PLEASE "

Someone bought the wrong size toilet paper lol. Each roll should last us month!

OG SID came down to drop off a bottle of "nuvo" vodka to add to our little collection we have in the back. He also picked up a check and we just had to have a discussion of what is happening with Kobe!?!

He said they are done for the series, but I think we should take in tomorrow and the next game. Edouche said "We need the old Kobe back, not OLD KOBE".

"BLACK MAMBA will get the job done" - JEFF

"nuvo" time!

Its looking really good right now for our size 9.5 customers. I kind of wish I was a size 9.5 myself, but I'm personally anywhere from a 10-11.5.

MR.9.5 has just arrived to unload some goodies.

Today and yesterday we've accumulated a handful of heaters, in mostly size 9.5. Click HERE for todays "new arrivals".
nike sb

all 9.5

25th anniversary xi 10 10.5, space jam xi 9.5, true blue iii 09 9.5

varsity red vi, motorsport vi, flu game 12, wht/red 12, nelly 6 rings...

Couple worn shoes here and there.

...and of course your miscellaneous


Martin said...

God I want those Air yeezys so bad!
Thats my grails right there!
Greetings from Norway

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