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Apr 7, 2010


OG Sid and his daughter came down to drop off some good consignment to serve your sneaker needs, so swing down to the shop or hit our website for "new arrivals".

DJ Arnell came down to wish Jeff a belated 24th Birthday.


I told Hassan I would get him one of his holy grails within a week and for a REASONABLE price at that. Promise is a promise! Enjoy those shoes my friend and thank you for the invite for sneakerplay!

hassan and his little nephew

Someone dropped off a handful of gems so if your looking to step up your shoe game, then we might have what you need!

huf am1 hyperstrike

The infamous seller who dropped off all the heaters rockin some am 90 playstations. They look well worth it when you see these joints in person.

Sorry sir we do not carry anything in a size 16, but I know Nordstrom Racks has a handful!

OG Sid switched out his tee to support RIF LA and he dropped off some Tequila for my 24th birthday. Thanks for the blessing! I shall chug this once I get home.

This will be one of my birthday pick ups when I get my stack a little higher. You gotta work hard to get what you want in life.


Also BIG THANKS to one of our consignment sellers and friend, James Jornacion for hooking me up with some Clipper tickets. THANK U SIR.


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