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Apr 5, 2010

when the cats away.

When the cats away the mice will play. Today was Jeff's born day so Manny and I had the shop all to ourselves. Although we had TONS of work, we managed to have a little fun.

As we opened the shop doors I see this Cherry Red Chevy on 6"s gracefully parked right infront of the shop. Amazinn

Guess who came out of the car? Our Boys to suprise Jeff with a Little Birthday suprise.
Unfortunately they forgot that Jeff had a day off today...so they brought this DELICIOUS ice cream cake for nothing...or did they?
We didnt want to waste the cake, so we celebrated Jeff's BIRTHDAY without the birthday boy... we had the birthday song, candles and ALL. Edouche blowing out the candles on the behalf of Jeff...he even made a Wish for Jeff.

Even Manny was in attendance of Jeff's Birthday celebration with an old friend.
Damage done..thanks again for the ICE CREAM Cake, next time we'll make sure the birthday boy is present.

Ed X Primitive X W(taps)

Shoe Meeting.

I'm not gonna lie, but I didn't know who MC MONG was until his whole entourage of 15 deep told me. Supposedly he's the Kanye West of KOREA. He was literally "throwing it in the bag", for him and his whole entourage.

He was telling me how he just got done performing with some dude name Jay Sean the other night, not sure who he is either, owells!

Location, Location, Location. Our Boy Andre has been helping us scout different locations. for what? Maybe an RIF Bakery or RIF Korean taco restaurant...who knows? What do you guys think?

Stay tuned BIG PLANS for 2010. Clothing Webshop is in the WORKS special online exclusive items. STAY TUNED :o)


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