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Jun 15, 2010


Mannys ride is the first car we ever sponsored, probably the last too.

Mr. Jeffrey James is back and ready to put in some work.  

"Once in a while you need to take a little break and get out of Los Angeles" -HEFFE

Good people supporting good people.  UPS stays PUSHING WEIGHT.

Our boy Carlos kept his word when he said he was going to bring a handful of goodies to give to the less fortunate people of SKIDROW.... thanks bra

Looks like we'll be having a couple members of Skidrow rockin some fresh kicks in streets.

We'll be making a few more reprints after the Lakers win the Championship.  Thanks to all the real supporters, trust us, we never forget!

I want to say thank you to the good people @ UNDFTD for lacing me with this purple fitted to match with my black mamba tee, thank you!

thanks Mr. FIVES

Just made a $500.00 bet with Mr. Postman.

Bostons going down!


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