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Jun 22, 2010


Died hard Laker fans rally up around the Staples Center to meet with hundreds of thousands of other Laker fans to celebrate the Los Angeles Lakers victory over the Boston Celtics(sorry no GREEN allowed on this post) and Kobe Bryants 5TH NBA Title.  We got some real crazy Laker fans down here, coming from all over the world, all sharing the same VICTORY!!!  It was HOT as hell, like dam, why did Summer have to start today?  

Soon as we got there some guy with a huge cross was yelling, "Where will you spend Iternity?"

"Here dumbass"-Manny

We all make our own choices in life and we all know the each player on the Lakers chose to WIN.

The guy standing right on top of the banner stating"Energy, Style, Entertainment." was nonstop dancing the whole entire parade minding his own business.  Too hilarious!

Dam die hard Lakers and Kobe fans definitely came out today, I just had to take a picture of this dudes arm where he had the Lakers logo, the number 24, and Kobe Bryants face tatted all over it!!!

L A P D was putting in some work today.

This reporter chick below tried getting through the crowd the whole time but just had no luck, I was like "HEY!" and she turned real quick so I tried to snap a picture of her face.

Dam there count really did feel like 2 MILLION Lakers Fans in attendance!!! It was nutts, just people everywhere wearing laker gold and purple from head to toe.  Gotta love Los Angeles baby.

Hours later while people were still jumping up and down, snapping pictures, or seeing who had the most craziest Lakers outfit on...a big red fire truck started to appear down the road and thats where people started getting really excited.  It was literally a zoo in LA I tell ya!

Who are the Lakers without the Laker Girls!  Can't say you never enjoyed a a live performance from them if you've been to a Game.  Congrats ladies.

Here comes the important truck, better yet the Los Angeles Lakers Truck! Dam that was beautiful!
Congratulations to the man with the biggest heart in the NBA, Derek Fisher.

We got Lamar Kardashian, Luuuuuke Walton, and Pau Gasol who I consider one of the most deserving individuals out of the team this series.
Who do ya'll see in the picture???

Dam Pau Gasol, you are pretty dam tall homie, is that the 10 Fwy a couple feet away from your head?

Even Andre is a DIE HARD LAKER FAN since day one!   He goes to the parade every year doing his best  Magic Johnson impersonation where he says he stacks the most chips every year.  Couple hundo

Good friend of ours Willie took jeff out for a quick around block with his varsity red ferrari, this was the first time he's ever been in one of these...
Maybe I shouldn't be drinking my Starbucks while riding in a Ferrari?

Ed looks ready to watch this Ferrari take off, check out them prestos though...

supermanny bustin out those all star kobe 5s just for the parade,good choice yupp.



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