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Jun 4, 2010


After a 2 hour flight to Seattle and a 10 hour flight to Japan, I am finally JAPAN BOUND. The minute I touch down, all I wanted to get was an update of the Laker Game. I already knew they were going to KILL BOSTON, but by how much and who stepped up.

Got on the bus, put that wifi work and it was all good from there. Gotta love being from Los Angeles. Can't wait to watch Game 2!!!

I'm staying at the Shinjuku Sunroute Hotel, the same hotel I stayed at last time.

Dropped off all my luggage and headed straight to my favorite place to eat, Pepper Lunch ofcourse :)

I can already taste it!

The Pepper Lunch crew looks like the infamous UPS shipping, but with trucker hats.

Fresh rice, pieces of corn, thinly sliced beef, with PEPPER and any sauces you want to add. You have to stir it yourself till it fully cook.

final product

If your ever in Japan and you don't want to spend too much money on food, head to Pepper Lunch, they are everywhere out here. Cheap, delicious, and very filling.

After I encountered my food coma, I knocked out for 10 hours and now its 7:38 AM in Tokyo, Japan. Today is officially my DAY 1 in Japan, so stay updated and I'll be posting everyday! If you go to RIF, try not and give Edouche and Mannyfresh a hard time. Time to splurge!


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