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Jun 19, 2010


RIF's favorite skater, Danny Supa, rolled by to pick up another BLACK MAMBA tee for his wife who's a huge Laker fan.  He's originally from New York, but you can find him skating the streets of Los Angeles where he now stays at.

Your favorite dude, Edouche rockin the UN-FRAGMENT lows...

Super hard worker Manny rockin some '99s fresh V's.  I say "Super hard worker" because he's no longer an intern and he's officially on the RIF LA 334A team.

Big ROB representin theARCHRIVAL team came down to say WUSSUP though.

After work we tend to run across the street and see whats going down @ Arch.

Imagine if Nicholson was really on the Los Angeles Lakers, he would probably be Ron Artest's wingman.

Dam Summer is coming up, gotta stock up on some necessary bucket hats.  Get yours @ Arch.
"Handles" Conner Tapley stayed for a few hours to put in some work for some school credits.  As you can see below, Ed doesn't mind @ all!

A buddy of mine came up with these NBA phones for every single team and they'll be selling them at every home court stadium starting next season.  I honestly couldn't believe the numbers this guy was talking, but dam!  Nobody has this, but he was nice enough to bless me with my own Los Angeles Lakers phone. yEEEE

I'd like to say THANK YOU to Mr. Wu!

40 pairs of NEW ARRIVALS just in, and another 50 tomorrow.  Click HERE.

Treat your Pops out to a pair of shoes or even a BLACK MAMBA tee for Fathers Day.  I know I would, but Rest In Peace and Happy Fathers Day to my Pops, me and my little brothers miss you.


Anonymous said...

Hey RIF! im was wanted to sign up for internship but im still 16, so i was wondering if it would be okay to work there for school hours? Is that ok?

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