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Sep 18, 2012


Monday is normally the day we situate ourselves from our busy weekend and prepare for the week ahead. Packages are picked up and delivered throughout doorsteps across the globe. Mondays are normally quite here at the shop but today was a little different.

Our good the Homie Jodie came through to drop off an autographed piece of PAC Man excellence. Though not sanctioned WBA gloves, being GOLD and Manny Pacquiao branded Boxing GLOVES. These are an awesome piece to add to our showcase.

Thanks again Jods.

Your still our CHAMP here at the SHOP.

 The homie School Boy Q @qoovyq came through to pick up another pair of SHOES. Actually 2 pairs in the GMP pack. You know he skips those hectic campout and lines and comes straight to RIF to pick up his pair for RETAIL. Enjoy Q.

Another COMPTOWN Native dropped by before leaving back to training camp.

The homie Demar came through to pick up a few pairs of shoes. Keep an eye on him this season throwing caution in the AIR he will be wearing a few of these retros he purchased for RIF on the hardwood.

"Yes, everything on this counter"- Demar

Have a safe TRIP back to Toronto Demar. 

 We didn't know that both School Boy Q and Demar Derozen have known each other for YEARS. With Demar playing Ball in Canada and Q touring the globe this was a RARE site. 

A few locals noticed Demar and wanted to take a few PICS. haha

CARL didn't want to be left out and took the opportunity to pose for this rare PIC.

Good to see you both soon.

 Soon After they left the HOMIE Daniel came by and dropped off OUR favorite.

We have the best supporters.

Delicately wrapped, we ravaged the packaging and discovered... 

Macaroons, Don't let the colors fool you, each one has its own specific flavor from Salted Caramel, Matcha Green Tea to Violet Butter CREAM. ALL of which are DELICIOUS.

Thank you again Daniel and enjoy those AM 90 SF ID. 

Much like those DELICIOUS Macaroons shoes also come in different colors with all different uses.

OUR GOOD Friend DJ VICE came through to drop off a HUGE amount of extra sneakers he had lying around his house. Traveling across the GLOBE he has no time to wear all his goodies so keep an eye out on our webshop for STEALS.

If you ever been toTao/LAVO or Marquee in VEGAS or any POPULAR Club anywhere in the USA or the WORLD in FACT, you will know who DJ VICE is.

HE is the CREAM of the DJ CROP and NO ONE can match his DJ abilities, his sets, or the TOP TIER Clubs he performs at. 

Only those part of his CREW SKAM Artists can match his ability to get a PARTY Going.

DID we mention besides being a SNEAKER Fanatic, he is the CO-Owner of his own SNEAKER BOUTIQUE in Las Vegas and Santa Barbara 
 CROSSOVER aka CRSVR (talk about the good life haha)

He shares both the love of music and sneakers.

Make sure VISIT to his shop whenever you make it to the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas peep the webshop.

We can all agree its hard to say goodbye to sneakers, don't worry they'll have good homes.

Discussing our up-coming VEGAS trip. ITs DJ Vice/Skam Artist or nothing.

Always good to see you HOMIE, see you soon.

sneek peek, this Saturday.


PILLOWS will also be on SALE.

Carl needing a NEW RIF tee, that tank top is un-acceptable.

 RIF snapbacks will also be available.

Overall it was a hectic day but seeing our good friends and customers/ supporters we can't complain.

Have a blessed week.



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