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Aug 9, 2012


Sneakers are an exploration of different tastes.  How we wear them, where we buy them and what type of sneakers we wear are all part of this culture and defines us individually.  Different varieties of sneakers that we wear exhibit our individual personalities and interest. 

Los Angeles is a prime example of different personalities and interests melting into one. Like RIF having a varieties of sneakers from Basketball, Running, Training, and Lifestyle. 

The Los Angeles food scene is NO Different. The FOOD culture in LA is Diverse both in flavor/culture and price and LIKE RIF, Coming to Los Angeles you leave satisfied with whatever food adventure your decide to partake in.

Its No coincidence that RIF is located in Little Tokyo in LA (know your RIF history).
When we first opened our doors 5 YEARs ago, Little Tokyo was a FOODIE hot spot. Though there are plenty of places outside of LITTLE Tokyo to get your SUSHI fix, its the overall Japanese themed environment and different Japanese FOOD selections that make LIL Tokyo different from your local Sushi spot. Yakitori, Izakaya, Ramen you name it LITTLE Tokyo has it.

Things have changed around these parts and huge conglomerates (american apparel, starbucks, yogurt land) have become our neighbors, buts its the local restaurants and small shops that have been here for over 30 years that serve as the cornerstone for our home here in LITTLE Tokyo.

Like LA itself our STAFF here at RIF is diverse both culturally and in our interests outside of the shop.

Carl being Half Mexican half African American, Murad half Saudi half Filipino, Manny half mexican half bear. These three are thrilled Eating Japanese food.

Connor Being Half Japanese Half Irish dislikes Japanese food and prefers Mexican Food. Go Figure.

Heres Conner showing us his FAVORITE ALL time DISH. NACHOS.

Senor FISH here in LITTLE Tokyo is a hidden GEM amoung Japanese restaurants but if you can find it give it a TRY you won't be dis-appointed.

Their Chicken TACOS are a MUST.

Manny wasn't in the MOOD for mexican and opted for SPAM WASUBI.

The IRONY, the homie CARLOS came by with some FRESH Fruit dessert with a special MEXICAN Chili BLEND, Perfect for these hot CALI Days.

The homie CARLOS even brought a GIFT for JEFF's Daughter.


Speaking of Mexican the HOMIE Mr. Cartoon and Estevan Oriol came thru to purchase a FEW Jordans. If you didn't know Mr. Cartoon has one of the most comprehensive Nike Collections in LA.

See you soon BIG HOMIES.

Speaking of HOMIEs. The homie Jarret Jack of the Charlotte Bobcats came through. 

Though most of us know him on court in uniform, seeing him is  person we didn't recognize him until CONNOR rushed over to him like a crazed school girl and asked for a picture. 


See you soon Jarret.

What CONNOR wanted to wear today.

Being at RIF its always impressive when we see athletes or wealthy buy TRUNK loads of sneakers but what truly impresses us the most is when young kids buy their own sneakers without help from MOM and DAD.

The Little homie Jacob Took the train all the way down from Pasadena (20 min away by car)  then rode his bike to the shop today because he wanted to buy himself a new pair of sneakers for BACK TO SCHOOL.

Unlike the wealthy we encounter daily, Jacob took his time browsing the shelves and made careful calculations, keeping in mind he needs new pants/shirts as well as train fare back to PASADENA


Manny and the future MANNY? 
give us a call when you turn 18.

You know we had to give him a HOOK-UP for $150.00 it was in his budget.


Have a Blessed rest of the week. 

And see you ALL this FRIDAY night (8/10/12) at SNEAKER PIMPS LA.


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