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Aug 1, 2012


Its no secret that the RIF relies on ALL of you, the support of our loyal customers and friends.  Through our daily work schedules all of you make our short time at the shop enjoyable and when disaster strikes its humbling to see all of you exceed our expectations of support and lend us a shoulder to lean on and someone to confine in.  The irony is that we see most of you on a weekly basis more than our own families.

To tell you the truth our days depend not on the sales we make, but the relationship and bonds we create with all of you. And with that said,
 thank you.

This past week we here at RIF experienced a passing of someone in our circle of friends and with all the positive and blessed emails and gifts from ALL of you, it has made this tragedy easier for ALL of us, especially CARL.

We here at RIF have never closed on a SATURDAY in our 5 YEARS of BUSINESS... (7/28/12) being the first, Saturday being the most hectic and busy day out of the week its rare, but some events are more important than making a nickel.

Seems as if SOMEONE from above was watching over us because when we resumed our normal business day on SUNDAY the 29th, after the Robert Farris Jr. memorial

we were blessed with this ORDER...coincidence? we think not.

was the ORDER confirmed and ready to ship?

 The Y means YES to all of the above.


International MONEY REAL LONG.

BTW ANY Confirmed ORDER over 10 thousand dollars receives FREE NEXT DAY SHIPPING, courtesy of RIF.

The ORIGINAL #WILDBOYZ came to pay their respects to CARL and brought a small gift to help ease the pain.


Thanks again @thee_sma and @qualmes.

We will put this to good use.

Our Good Friend @coach_payne came through a blessed us with a HOMEMADE Chocolate Cake.

Cake makes everyone FEEL better,

Thanks again bro.

Manny Fingering the CAKE as usual. SMH

Our BOY Mr. Cortez as in NIKE Cortez came to give his condolences to CARL.

After that, he decided to chill for a while and play Temple Run on his iPhone.

The gifts never stop coming, The homie FRANKIE came through with these delectable treats. BEARD PAPA...if you never TRIED them make sure to stop by the bakery its on 3rd street and is small walking distance from RIF.

Trust us you won't REGRET it.

Gifts on Gifts, Frankie even dropped off a Gift for Jeff's Daughter, now thats #SUPPORT.

Our Boy @xmilescoltranex even dropped off Edouches GRAIL of SNEAKERs

OG Nike Air Spiderons. #support #GPHGP #blessedlife #free

Appreciate that gift BRO!

CARL could hardly contain himself with all this LOVE being thrown around and collapsed with the power of the holy spirit.  HALLELUJAH.

ASHTON giving us the STONE face seeing CARL fall down.

Mr. Cartoon and Esteban Oriol also watching CARL collapse, while taking this photo.

Good to SEE you TWO. @mrcartoon @estevanoriol

Its  ALWAYS difficult losing a LOVED one not matter the circumstance. Its even harder when that loved one was your best friend.

Its FUNNY to see the Homie James with his SON the day after both wearing matching sneakers.

Interpret the matching shoes of the FATHER and SON the way you like... but we saw it as the weekend coming to a FULL circle.

HAVE a BLESSED rest of the week all.



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