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Nov 15, 2012

RIF II Celebration RE-CAP.

 When Jeff and I made our trips to Japan years ago, we were engulfed in the culture and in the ideal FASHION mecca of the world, TOKYO.  IF you haven't visited Japan its reminiscent of a dream where brands, style, footwear, and over-all clothing is "over the top" but different sub-groups of fashion you are sure to find your niche.  Coming back to the United States we were always dis-appointed with the types of shops, customer service, and variety our niche offered here in the US.

Jeff and I wanted to create a store something different for those interested in something new.

RIF II Clothing.

This Past Saturday November 10th, 2012 we celebrated with those that have Supported RIF NEW and OLD. With the Soft Opening of DOORS of our new store.

 We wanted to SAY, "Thank you" by offering FREE Liquor, Free Tacos and place WE can ALL celebrate our accomplishments

Its takes a lifetime for some to complete a vision a dream. For some it never comes.

It took Jeff and I, 


Day one of construction.

End of Week one of Construction.

Mid-way of Week 2 of Construction.

DAY 28.

3 Days Prior to our Grand Opening.

OUR Celebration was from 7-10pm       3 hours only.

 This was 1 Hour into our Grand Opening some waited 2 hours before it started. 

We do this for ALL our Supporters. THANK YOU.

Heffe and His Lil Bro Alvin, you know its Family First.

Meanwhile in the Back. We had our back ups.

Night was a BLURR... but Our Team GOOD. ACE for the TEAM... The Magnum Rose' to keep it classy.

Carl Taking Advantage of the Staff ONLY Bottles. Its the best of nothing.

We Celebrate Together.

A sample of the whats instore for RIF II

2 Hours into the Party. WE APOLOGIZE, for those that couldn't make it inside.


Moisture kicking in.

" Mike why so Sad, its a Celebration."

More Goodies. that had to be pulled off the SHELF REAL QUICK.

Our Bartenders earned their tips that night, THANK YOU.


A view from the Back it was Over 90 Degrees inside with humidity worse than the St. Croix in June.

Thank you to our DJ's. Nothing but BANGERs the entire evening.

We not only celebrated this small step to our vision, but celebrated the friends, family, and supporters that made this a NIGHT to remember.

Without ALL OF YOU. There would be no RIF.

Thank you TOO ALL that made it out, and we are TRUELLY humbled with your NEVER-ENDING 


Good People Helping Good People.

With Love and Respect,


5 years ago... Heffe and Ed...tbt 

 Dreams do come true.


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