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Jun 28, 2011


Summer is officially here, so break out the shorts and UN-DS your summer shoes! Everyone always has something nice stashed away, only to finally break them out for the summer time... so whats on your feet this Summer?!

Forever Young EDOUCHE rockin some Footscape Woven Chukkas (HF), no socks ofcourse...

Shouts to DRE for lacing us up with unlimited Pretzel Crisps for the whole shop! Ya'll need to get on these...2 bomb.

Perfect 4th of July shoe below, but any still rock AF1 mids? or better yet AF1s?

MannYANKEE rockin his AJKOS with white mid-soles...he said hot water and nail polish remover should remove the yellowing.

all RED everything.

These came in FRIDAY from our boy Simon, brought 3 pairs down for $475.00 then it $OLD the next day! TOO BAD Jordan Brand is busting a EURO RELEASE ONLY and I say in 6 months they'll drop these babies in the STATES.

very very nice quality...

Theres only one guy who can sit in the main chair for 7 hours str8 and put in hella work...yes none other than HEFFE. Peep the Sample TANTUM.LA Bucket Hat and the OG 334A Tee.

Meet one of RIF's favorite couple, Mr. & Mrs. Montoya. Please don't forget my invitation for the wedding and please put a + 1 so I can bring MannYANKEE! Nice TIFFANYS btw guys!



Anonymous said...

im gonna finally un-ds my entourages and grape vs this summer

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