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Jun 10, 2011


The past two days have not only been action packed here at RIF Ton's of consignment coming in, Ton's of clothing :) and most importantly meeting new sneaker heads from around the GLOBE. From what we remember these past 2 days we met sneaker heads that traveled all the way down from Sweden, Spain and Brazil. SOOOO sorry we forgot your names(we have them written down somewhere) but you all know who you are email us and we'll send out those Tee's we promised.

Theres nothing like meeting new people especially out of the country and them automatically knowing our names like we've been friends for ages. SO to ALL Those supporters from out of state and the COUNTRY make sure to say whats up to all the staff, we love chopping it up with all you all.

We just received our new BATCH of stickers come by the shop and make sure to pick some up. Grab em before they are gone.

Not only has it been action packed here at the shop, but these have to be the BEST most exciting NBA finals in a LONG time. GO MAVS!

We all here at RIF are trying tighten up for the summer time and nothing replaces a GREZZY meal better than Pink Berry.

"you can't see meeee"- manny
"Actually your right in front of my face, now get off my chair"- Heffe

Though 90% of the sneaker STEALS last only seconds on the sales floor or online...the other 10% become personal pieces in our collection.

This time JEFF was the lucky one

Stussy Dunk HI
Fragment AF1
Fragment Cons X 2

All for $300.00
Edouche get his own steals, thanks again LEE brothers.

Undercover X Fragment X Nike

The little homie Stuart flew in to peep whats good at the shop, Good to see you Stuart..Fly safe my dude.

You already KNOW there's only ONE HAT company that not only turns your #SWAG into the force of 1000 thunder storms but also guarantees that you've finally grown up from those LAME snap backs.


The HIROKI of hats ZEE... chances are that if you have a TANTUM hat or been to UNION LA and seen one in person...it has passed through this mans hands.

If the hat doesn't meet his expectations its scrapped, no questions asked.

QUALITY not alot of quantity. DAMM ZEE MAKE MORE!


Don't sleep when they are gone they are GONE.

NO Homo CUH.

If you don't already know who this guy is then your not religiously reading our blog. No matter when rain or shine this dude wears his VISVIM Boots. No matter if its church, baptism, house party, Raving, EDC, Clubbing, the beach, shower, he always has on Visvim boots.

I would be too if my boots were $1200.00

If you email us letting us know who this guy is and his 1st name, we'll mail you a FREE RIF New ERA baseball cap. Friends and family need not apply.

And although its a somber mood when any discussion of the Laker/Kobe comes up. It's always nice to see KOBE supporters still rocking their HEAT.

Enjoy your weekend all, be safe out their. Make sure to stay tuned on our BLOG/TWITTER and TUMBLR we will be releasing some goodies soon :)


AL said...

Hi, what's the name of the air max shoe behind Stuart??, do you still got them? Wich size??, Thanks!! AL

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