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Mar 8, 2009


My old time friend Craig came down and brought his buddy Alex Thomas (comedian).  If ya'll don't know Craig then you must have just jumped onto the sneaker scene recently.

He use to hold down that store called "Heavyhitters" on Melrose n La Brea, where they sold only rare and exclusive kicks to every celebrity cat you can think of.  This is when consignment stores didn't even exist in anywhere in the U.S.  They were definitely holding up to their name, I would just go there and chill while celebs came in spending mad loot!  

Well, since he shut down his spot, Craig's gonna be bringing down all his clients to RIF LA to cop some kicks.  Thanks for the support Craig!

Gangsta Kev trying to persuade us to put him on our next shirt. HAHA
He was talking about how Tyrese "BABY BOY" was chillen in Little Tokyo the other night and he pulled out a roll of hundos and only gave him $4.00!  
Tselenas boys came down.
Trying to start a new trend or wuh? He uses this to palo his girlfriend.
LODED crew came down to drop off a gift.
Thank you.  We'll add this to the case of cracked shoes!

Derek from GREEDYGENIUS came down to show us some love.

Btw, why is DRAKE just murdering every1!?


ILNOJ said...

LOL @ Ed's pose in the background.
2nd picture.

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