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Mar 27, 2009

GOOD people helping GOOD people!

Longtime RIF LA supporter, David, came down today to treat himself to a little birthday present.  He came right on time, where he stumbled on a pair of grails he's been looking for a minute now.

Enjoy the FUTURA Dunk Lows brotha.  $200, can't go wrong!  Happy Birthday !

I didn't believe it was his birthday till he showed me his high school id.  So I had to hook him up with the RIF BDAY SPECIAL.  
Griffeys, 95s, hawaiis, milis, deck his, and much more ! Peep the site daily so you don't pass up on some kicks you've been looking for.
My boy who's the manager of Pastagina hooked me up with a " recession meal " .  When you make your way down to RIF, make sure to pay a visit to Pastagina and treat yourself to some lovely pasta.
Ricky Jones came down with a handful guys from the La Mission to personally shake my hand and thank me for all the times I donated shoes and clothes.  

RIF LA has been donating shoes and clothing almost every month to this specific mission, so if anybody would want to help donate some shoes or clothes to some GOOD needy people, then feel free to come down and we'll be happy to donate it to the Los Angeles Mission.

These are rough times for everybody, so anything would help.  Anything for the good people of Los Angeles!
Thank You KAWS for adding to my little collection of beabricks!


Herb Smith said...

Good people helping others is great. Bad people using others good names for self promotion is not. The Los Angeles Mission does not recieve funds from this group. In fact, word on the street is this is misrepresentation and the funds go to crack at night. Sorry.

RIF_LA said...

Actually its the United States Mission located on 1607 E. 1st St Los Angeles Ca 90033.


I personally visited the mission and I'm pretty sure they don't use the $ for crack.

Thats why I only give people shoes and clothes.

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