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Mar 18, 2009


Nike should really take time to think about what product they put out, instead of just producing pure cr@p.

Leave the CLEAR shoes to the cats who invented fake nikes. This is something I would find in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, in the ALLEYS ( edited, sorry!) to be exact.

super FAIL!


celia said...

hi, i love your store but i have to ask where on main street in the heart of downtown can those shoes be had? i co-own raw materials, the indie art supply store on main street and i'm right next to metropolis books, an indie book store, stella dottir, a fashion designer who sells vintage and retro clothing, old bank dvd, an indie dvd store, and blossom vietnamese restaurant. we're also surrounded by 30+ art galleries, but no stores selling cheap knockoffs like they do in the fashion district.

the alley in the fashion district has cheap knockoff products, but here on main street we're all about small independent retail stores that serve the local artistic community. please don't get us confused with the alley, times are tough and small indie retailers like us need all the help and support we can get.

court cobain said...

I can only imagine how they look once they start turning yellow.

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