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Mar 15, 2009

WOW!?!?!? GUCCI DUNK 2009!

One of the most RAREST Nike Dunk Sbs will release in late 2009. These were suppose to come out about 3 years ago, back when P-rod was still with girl. They were scrapped because P-rod left girl and the main designer of the " GUCCI " Dunk was ANDY JENKINS, who designs for GIRL.

Maybe Nike paid ANDY JENKINS to release em? Who knows?

Well these babies were hitting anywhere from $1,300-$1,500. They'll drop to $200 once they release the quickstrike version so whoever owns the sample versions, CASH OUT NOW!

If ya'll don't know what the " GUCCI " Dunk His look like, here a few pictures from a longggggtime ago!


Obstinate said...

Not to be a douche, but Sam Smyth(the Girl/Choc team manager) designed 'em...

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