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Nov 13, 2011


November is personally my favorite month out of the year, you can stuff yourself on Thanks Giving and you can blow all your hard earned money on BLACK FRIDAY on flatscreen tvs. Another reason why its my favorite month is because November is the time when we receive the most sneaker consignment in and it keeps us stocked up for December, so THANK YOU for giving us your shoes to sell. Who can beat our 85/15 consignment rate?! We take 15% for brand new shoes and 20% for USED shoes!

I swear sometimes I feel like I'm in a wheelchair doing work right behind this computer for almost 5 years str8 and you'll rarely ever see me standing up. You gotta stay hungry everyday like your on an empty stomach - HEFFE.

Mister Markley and Mister Landis checking in on a weekly basis #GPHGP

My baby girls little griffeys just came in! can't wait to find her more griffeys for the low low.

Manny does the reverse of RIF's philosophy of PUSHING WEIGHT ...


Thank Your Mister Miller for the CO JP Kit Kats :)

Speaking of CO JP, shouts to our homie from Shibuya for coming down and always copping some U.S. heaters. Peoples in Japan woulddddd love the DB IV's.

Sorry man, we can't take jordans with TOO MUCH laser on it, our boss wouldn't approve... oh yea and they are super F A K E .

At least these look better than the SPONGE BOB clear AJ VII's we seen the other day. Too bad he ran out before Manny can snap a pic.

Cheaper than any consignment shop, cheaper than any pair on ebay. We checked going rate on ebay and $550 ish is about going rate. #DONTGETRAPED

Ended the day with a good o'l Aloha Breakfast: portuguese sausage, Corned Beef Hash, Hawaiian bread, 2 scoops of rice and over medium eggs. #CRACK. Breakfast taste even better when its not the morning time!


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