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Nov 2, 2011


BRO...What the F*CK are you wearing?! Are those the ORION AJ 3s?! I rather rock his homies DCs to the left than those FAKE @SS jays. Go back to shopping in the deep DTLA area homie.

buying fake shoes support terrorism.
1994, the Year of the first Retros of Air Jordans. This box is just beautiful, the only cool boxes these days are the Year of the Rabbit Aj boxes... even the AJ BIN boxes are pretty garbagio

Good shoes, good prices, our prices are 90% of the time lower than your friends favorite consignment sneaker shop. #FACT. Click -----> HERE.

Meet Cashew, the only dog that can run around freely in the back stockroom.. good boy!

Girls got kicks too! We were surprise to see our friend Gabby on the cover of this magazine, if ya'll paid attention back in the days, she used to be part of the RIF team. S/O Gabby!

'99 baby !

'99 AJ IVs are on the way !


The face of a sad man witnessing me UN-DS a pair of DS INFRARED VI's that he had his eyes on for a cool minute. My apologies FREDDY!

Follow our friend ShoeAffliction and check out his website for anything shoe related. Peep out our old RE.IN.FORCE tee.

by the way, we are completely #SOLDOUT of grey crew necks!


Anonymous said...

Freddy looks like he's posing, looks hella gay...just saying...

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