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Mar 24, 2010


Matt Plunkett, one of the best photographers in Los Angeles today. If you need pictures, hes the man to go to, so just let me know and I'll get you connected.

Ed wanted as much pictures with men today as possible. He asked me, but i had no comment.

Our friends Carlos (left) and his cousin Juan (right) always come down to bless us with some BOMB grub. They keep it strictly AIR JORDAN and nothing else.

aj 6 dmp x aj 12 playoff
spinach artichoke dip, coconut fried shrimp, buffalo swings, onion rings, and a PECAN PIE(myfavoritepie) Thanks Carlos, we effin love you!

lots and lots of goodies coming in and out the shop everyday.

Didn't we say NO SOCKS is better than "DIRTY SOCKS". Man at least use clean socks to stuff your shoes then. sheesh!

bye bye, enjoy them TJ!

and another dude rockin some quality heat.

$550, too bad eh. $OLD

Jermy came down to drop off some kicks and kids for Eds Babysitting Program. (If your interested in the RIF Babysitting Program, please talk to Ed @ the store)
2009 sj xis
I respect anyone that shakes my hand. no matter what age!
new nickname: "4 PURRS"

Simbas back to bite Edouche

Headed to Daikokuya on 1ST Street to have a quick lunch. Cold noodles is almost back in season by the way!!! Can't wait!

Gyoza is a must here.
my ladies fav...fresh tuna sashimi bowl

infamous ramen, not better than Santouka btw

...And its back to business.
Not so Little Matty came down with his boy on some BMX bikes all the way from West Los Angeles! I remember he was the only kid who use to beat his Paris dunks to the ground. If you ever use to make your rounds around La Brea, Fairfax, Melrose area, then you must of seen Matty and his older bro at least 3 times that same day. Before the market died ofcourse.

I see he's getting his "grown man" on, rockin these studded Louboutins. If you have $1,200 to spend, then they are all yours!

Notice the infamous red soles trademarked by Christian Louboutin. You effin genius!

Johnny not so Pinkberry
johnnys pussy wagon

-jeffrey james


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