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Mar 17, 2010


Jason, part owner of Tradition, came down to chop it up and see whats new @ the shop. He actually just moved to DTLA, so you'll be seeing him in the streets of Los Angeles more often. You would think you know who has A LOT of shoes, usually the cats that post up their collections or maybe the dude that always wear shoes that cost over $2,000+, well... your wrong. Its the people who keep their collection "behind the scenes" that are MASSIVE and Jason is definitely one of them!

He gave me the opportunity one day to peep 1 of his storages, yea just ONE! Maybe next time he'll give me a 2nd tour ;)

If your ever in the outskirts of Los Angeles, make sure to swing by his shop and trust they'll take care of you.

so when we catchin a Laker game? Maybe the playoffs?!?

See about 4 years ago, there was no RIF and I was stuck trying hustle Stussy tees from Stussy sales, just to make some extra loot (shoot, $7 profit over each tee was bomb back then). Shouts to Joe and Mike btw, the 2 dudes who make sure people don't steal @ the sales. O yea and ANNETTE!

I just happened to sell a couple Stussy items to the homie Lance below about 4 years ago, and it was this dope Stussy crewneck with headphones around it. Small world man!

WOW, found this old pic of me rockin it, dam i miss it ! Stussy needs to come out with more dope stuff like this! I would take every color...

true blue tres
I will start callin VON, "Mr. 2 PURRS" a week!

oreo vis

2001 black cement tres

Hawk and his daughter coming down to pick up some @tmos 95s.

Guess who's wearing these?!?

I shall get myself a pair by next week and I will rock everyday for a month, watch!

Haha, its just the homie Ben. He said it gets him the ladies!


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