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Mar 28, 2010


what jeff wore Can't go wrong with any shoes Taka Hayashi designs.

One of our loyal blog readers, Jynod and Danyelle drove down from San Diego to finally check out the store. Thanks for coming down guys!

Pare always picking up some goodies, today he got his hands on some Converse Pigeon Staples.

Homie from Hawaii flew down to pick up some Taka Hayashis, good taste my friend. Next time bring us some chocolate covered macadamias or some Big Island cookies, thanks!

t-shirt of the day

i need one of these in my life, my birthdays coming up btw :)

Mannyfresh's mom made us some home made shrimp ceviche, sh!t was too bomb. Thank you MANNYS MOM.

I'm diggin navy

Edouche struck Manny in the head with a pair of Foamposite Boots, OUCH.

When one of our good customers pulled out his wallet, I just had to snap a pic for the blog. He said hes been using the same wallet for 9 years straight! Shoot, it looks like he picked this off the ground on Skidrow.

Time for a new wallet my friend!
DKballa22 always coming in rocking some gems. Sony Playstations trainers!? How do you do it? I guess everyone has their connects.

24 worldwide.

Lee brotha rockin some classic LVs

dj columbian dave will be djaying at the store pretty soon.

Freakin Manny always rockin the shoes I can never find for a decent price. You bastard.

Switched out my vans and put on my Cortez's. Everyone has to own a pair one day in their life. One of the cleanest shoes that Nike ever produced.

black nylon cortez's

"Hey man, 2LEGIT2QUIT from ISS is not too LEGIT, I heard he sold some fake freddys" -DJ DAVE

trying out this guerilla glue on my cr@cked Vs.

One of the homeless dudes who walk around Little Tokyo came in and asked us what type of poem we want him to write and ofcourse we told him we wanted a poem about shoes.

literally 1 minute later, done!

Titled "IN MY SHOES". Feel free to read it if you ever come into the store.

lil rob came down

Mike Marquez brought down his real baby.

Manny can't jump

Junebug blessed us with some Deadline tees. Thank you sir.

the goods

"pillz, krillz, 100 dollar billz, deadline"

Eds newest tee.

Andys son beatin his red lobsters.

Andy Given always comes down with the family to check out what crazy lookin shoes we have on the wall. He asked me if I watched the trailer yet for "The Karate Kid", and I haven't honestly, but I watched it the second he told me. The trailer is dope!

He helped co-produce it, so do me a favor and watch this trailer! and I'm sure you'll be watching the movie when it comes out in June.



subtitle said...

loving the blog, do you dudes do worldwide shipping yet? I gotta keep up on my shoe stash!
from downtown LA to everywhere

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