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Mar 11, 2010


Our boy Mr. Pak came down to sell all his ladies old heaters from back in the day. So if any ladies want to step their shoe game up, heres your opportunity. Click HERE.

All the pre-owned sneakers are located in the back area of our store and you can even find some randomly on our benches.

Homie Beto on the right has been doing security for Little Tokyo for 10 years now, keep up the good work!

sneaker shot of the day!

Feels great to see my old friends stumble in once in a while to say wutsup. One of my old homies, Chard came down with his lady to buy some jordan heaters to add to his rotation.
their sneaker shot

jedis $OLD thanks to this guy.

Toks just dropped off the newest issue of Vice Magazine, feel free to pick your up at our store while supplies last. These won't last very long.

Few pages of the issue. lol
Told you I hated doing photoshoots, but these guys are always down. :) Officially my new favorite issue of Vice, thank you.

One of our longtime customer and consignment seller, Jerome Thompson, swung down to pick up a nice little check and even brought us down some of the best BBQ we've ever had from his Uncles restaurant, The Original Texas BBQ King.

So if your ever craving some bomb BBQ, make sure to hit up their website and say RIF sent ya!

beans, beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot!
"finger licking goooooooooooood"

Our boy Jerome holding up his favorite jays. Thanks homie!

Johnny came down to surprise me with an early birthday present, much appreciated brotha. (dam im getting old) - jeff * guess how old jeff will be on April 5th, and win one of the shirts we'll be releasing this Saturday. (1 winner only)


Edouche putting in some real labor, considering the overwhelming amount of shoes we've been receiving, we were force to buy more fixtures!!!

Goodies came in, Click HERE.


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jeffs gunna be 24 !

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