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Jan 12, 2013


After organizing and filling up the racks and shelves with clothes, we've decided to create a blog for RIF.LA Dos.
Yes, this is our first post...

Well, we finally received our shipment of RIF beanies.
The homie Lennard helped out ilnoj double check the stock just to make sure we have enough beanies for everyone for tomorrow's drop.

Not sure if you guys have been to Little Tokyo a lot, but this is Andre our famous mascot. (He's been featured on 2 RIF tees already!) He will sing to you until you give him money. You can also request songs too, but it'll cost you. Haha.

Yultron on the sizzurp all the time.
Check out ilnoj in the background fiending on that Supreme x Neighborhood jacket. Haha.

Don't be lazy and not look through each of the tees we have because you never know what you will find in the pile of brand new tees. Well, also in the used section/racks.
(Just to name a few there - Three 6 Mafia, Kaws box tee, Gangster tee, Boxing belt tee...)

Complete set of Original Fake/Kaws Bearbrick 1000%, 400%, and 100%.

Check out Lennard and ilnoj posing (which is very sus by the way) while wearing the new RIF beanies dropping tomorrow.
(Yes, the Supreme x Chapman decks are for sale - the ones that they holding.)

Here's the RIF "Club-House" beanies dropping tomorrow.
Available in Black/White & Grey/Black for $22.


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