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Jan 14, 2013


This past weekend RIF celebrated the birthday of none other than
Co-owner Ed Mateo.  On behalf of the RIF crew we wish you a Happy Birthday.
Ed's custom Birthday Cake

Some of our workers felt the birthday spirit and lost their work ethic.  
Caught INTERN Willy big chillin' on the Job.
By the way, he's playing CSR Racing 

Sneaker Shot of the Weekend
Lebron X "Cork"

Keep your eyes out for the Original HEAT around the shop
The 4's are 89's

The past few days have been very busy for the Team at Rif 1.  
Not only is our website down for quarterly maintenance, RIF was closed today for our quarterly inventory check.  

Not only are all the shoes brought out of the racks, they are checked to be displayed
on the floor, and if they aren't on display they are wrapped accordingly.

A small portion of all the shoes that were wrapped today

By far the most popular shoes in the shop, the beloved Jordan section.  We have more Jordan's than ever, this is just a fraction of them being checked for our quarterly inventory.  

El Heffe  aka Everyones Enemy was working hard today in the "Trap House" 
He did inventory on hundreds of shoes today along with the rest of the team.


Half-way through the day and there's still plenty of work to be done.
 Pushing Weight

One would think that with all this hard work, the team would be hungry and expecting a full meal.  Looks like we just had some Krispy Kreme, as we like to call it, a traditional B.O.C. (Breakfast of Champions)

 Here is a preview of the next RIF release
"Good People Helping Good People" Snapback
Stay tuned for details

Manager Manwell is excited to see his favorite slogan finally make it onto a hat.
Or is he excited to eat the last few Chocolate Glazed Sprinkled Donuts?

Stay Tuned until next time, Manny plays against Willy on CSR racing for the last Krispy Kreme


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