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Oct 7, 2011

WANTED: Dirty Little Jackers

We understand it might be a recession for some people these days, but dam is it really worth it to go steal a Hundreds beanie? Like man, go to Ralphs and steal a couple steaks and feed yourself. We personally didn't catch these little f*cks below, but our good peoples over @ Bowls on 1st Street made sure to give us a heads up just incase they try to pull some big scamming on our side.

So if you ever see any of these guys below, feel free to knock them out, take a picture and we'll give you a couple free shirts.

Its kind of obvious this guy would steal, this dudes wearing an Angry Birdz shirt that he probably stole from Target. If you look closely you can see him stuffing his shirt with a beanie.

I ain't gonna lie, its usually dingy lookin cats on skateboards that we notice trying to pull fast ones. I will personally knock you out in the shop and wait for some pigs to pick you up if yall pull this in our shop.


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