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Oct 13, 2011


We apologize for the lack of Blog updates, but we've been busy everyday receiving tons of new arrivals! Hows everybody else coping with the record heat waves in Los Angeles?!? Like serious, 110 + in DTLA!? Maybe because we got so much HEAT in the shop!

Its always a good day when we eat something out of a 10 mile radius from the shop and today MannyFRESH blessed the whole staff with some PINKS on La Brea/Melrose. Tell me why it took MannyFRESH 3 hours though~! They need to open a PINKS somewhere in DTLA, but word on the streets is UMAMI Burger will be making their way down to DTLA :)

gotta keep it OG :

had some soggy @ss onion rings :(

You gotta know your history to own these babies, we have a size US 11 for a very reasonable price. BO KNOWS!

Which box is fake?

Edoki San chopping it up with the infamous HAJIME about some business ventures. S/O to KicksLab in TYO.

whos a size US 9.5? If your a loser, then buy these so you can officially be UNDEFEATED.

CrunchyCarlFarris is UNDEFEATED is selling the most shoes when hes on the floor, not even a HOT sales chick can out sale Carl. #TRUST.

Orlando from 909 and Raul from 562 know where to purchase authentic kicks. Good peoples! I see those 2001 tres's.

LOIpreme came back from the future...

This is the first time I've actually seen somebody wear the Air Mags in person, pretty crazy in person. Definitely a neck breaker!

MANNY SAYS... s/o jermy!

The infamous O.G. DJ Franzen swung by the shop to pick up a DMP 6/11 Package for himself and for the price he bought them at, nobody can beat it #TRUST. Good peoples, Ima hit you up when I'm in Vegas my friend especially for the after hours!

couple dope snkr shots:::

its almost Christmas, watch out for the Grinches!

I even got my baby girl rockin some 2001 III's. Like Father, Like Daughter :)

You will almost never see me in some dunks, maybe my Deftones, but I wore these denim dunk his this past week in memory of my pops because it was the same exact shoes I sent him 6 years ago and just a couple days ago marked his 5 Year Death Anniversary. Love you pops! Thanks for making me a MAN early in life.


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