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Oct 3, 2011

Money Makin JONES

One of my good buddies swung down to UNLOAD all his pre-owned shoes and all of them were price to go, some literally sold within minutes of getting price tags on them. Sometimes you never know when you'll need a quick couple Gs, thats why its always good to have a nice shoe collection to dump when you need to.

Come on, NDS stealth 3s worn literally once for $80.00, how can you go wrong in life? #SOLD

Everyone needs to a pair of BRED IV's in their collection, these for $180 worn (excellent)?!? #SOLD

NDS, worn once Jeremy Scott Bears for $160?! Well I'm pretty sure most people wore these once and figured out later they looked kinda weird in em...but ... #SOLD !!!

Our worn (excellent) condition is probably a sellers definition of NDS on ISSforums, aybe even better... but these bords are #SOLD

Someone ended up copping the whole pack actually, for the low price of $120! can't go wrong with both... #SOLD

These were probably worn like 5 times max, and $120 is not a bad price at all considering DS pairs go for $225 in our shop and other shops like over $250? #INSTOCK

A few ranDUMBS came in, even some Lebrons, but whos going to buy basketball shoes with no NBA season going on?

EDoki Sans boy ELMER Luis former Skidrow member came down to see if we can bless him with some comfortable shoes. Pull my finger!

...just kidding, check out these comfortable shoes. S/O to the person who donated these to the shop for the less fortunate! You are appreciated.

EDoki San posing with Skidrow YOGI. This guy came in with a Subway meal that someone bought him and tried to sell it to us for $6.00. We asked him why he needed the money, and he said he needed $10.00 to grab some P***Y from some chick on 7th street. OMANN.

EDoki got these grinches for only $120 NDS... SMH Ed gets all the douche deals!

#WSDYWT : OG Rif Logo

#WHDYWT (murad): Tantum Sick Bucket Hat

#WPDYWT (heffe): unreleased Patchwork Pocket Tee

#WTDYWT (DTLAedgar): super oldschool RIF JUST SELL IT. Tee #SICK!!

Carl and Gangster KEV look lowkey related ... haha jk!

Most expensive Pizza ever from Pitfire, we only get it when young Carls working because he stays making sales.

Money Making Jones @ the shop during after hours trying to squeeze in some shoes to liquidate. Good peoples.


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