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Oct 22, 2011


Murad Gadaffi hard at work putting together more racks for the shop, just so much shoes coming in everyday! S/O to Cosco for the Racks on Racks on Racks.

s/o to Lil Gadaffi for the burnt chicken bake :)

s/o to Stixz and Demar Derozan and friends for clearing out all of our size 13 and up HEAT. Looks like its gonna be a long year with no NBA season happening. Very sad day for America :(

Do not SLEEP on King Poetics Sneaker Event where you can buy-sell-trade with fellow shoeheads, FOR FREE! Yes I said, FOR FREE! Hopefully they got some FREE shoes over there too! You'll see the RIF Crew over there!


S/O to these good people from Inglewood. Nice kicks yall!

south beaches, cardinals, tecate sbs...

S/O to Dickey Jones, he just came back Europe. Welcome back!

Skidrow YOGI got some free shoes :) s/o to the cats that donate shoes to the shop so we can help less fortunate people like this dude below!

#TNTM x #1985:::


SNEAKER SHOT. Check out the roller derbys that just dropped.
Homie Carlos from San Gabriel always makes the trip down to cop all of our HEAT in a size 10.5. He might be pulling the trigger on something REAL BIG next week! We shall see..to be continued.

S/O to Aloha Cafe in Little Tokyo. They got the best chicken and beef bowls in town and the macaroni is on point.

S/O to the Consignment Seller that left his PlanB One-Step in his shoe box. You got Murad all happy when he saw it. Save a babies life and take that PlanB if your not ready.

Man and a BIG s/o to our good friend JUNbug, the man behind Deadline. Thanks for lacing us with some DeadLine #CRACK.

Manny would like to personally thank JUNbug for the Deadline tees!


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