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Jan 28, 2010


We've had this pair of cool grey 11s chillen on our display case for a while now, maybe no one bought them because they were a size 16. But we finally made a size 16 shoe head happy today, and it was a local cat that would always walk in and never buy anything for 3 straight years, and finally he bought these babies.

So homie below came out with some cool greys for a good $60.00! Thanks brotha man. Please enjoy!

Andre the bum is stunting on Cornbreads Evisu jeans, some exclusive stuff in DTLA.

Rob practicing for the next Archrival lookbook. :)
Loyal blog reader, Joel came down today and suprised me with my FAVORITE pair of shoes of all time. Remember when I made that post of the dude rocking them and I wrote my little story about what I had to do to get these shoes, and how I wish i can find another pair.

Well Joel happened to have a size 10 lying around and he read that whole post, and he was nice enough to bring them down and give me them for free. Honestly, I couldn't stop smiling, too happy. THANKS BRO.

GOOD PEOPLES is why i work @ RIF LA.
YEEEEEEEEEE! Ima rcok these till the soles come off, just like the pair I wore back in '96!
"Damn Andre, you still rocking that tee that I gave you 2 years ago!?!?" -JEFF
" yea mutha fcka! "


spizeike said...

Lol.. 3 years, that cold & burnin a dude!

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