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Jan 25, 2010


Weather is finally looking like Sunny California, but I heard it should be raining again soon so don't put umbrellas away yet.

My old friends from Cerritos High School came down to pay me a visit, so we took a quick reunion picture. Haha, yea almost everyone in CHS was asian!

Surprises the whole day! Homie Mr. Herrera brought us the best pastries from the infamous PORTOS!

We killed this whole box in literally minutes. If you ever go to Portos Bakery, make sure you get this little sugar covered pastries with cream cheese inside. Absolute crack.
You so yummy.

Our new favorite bum "Gangta Kev" came back out of no where and guess what, hes sober and off the drugs. Hopefully its forever! We told him he couldn't get girls rocking some gr chuck taylors, so we hooked him up with some fresh 89s. DS for that @ss.

We love helping people and seeing them smile, you only live once, so why not help people?

Note to our local customers, the City of Los Angeles has upgraded the parking meters to where you can use your credit cards. Its effin nuts, now bums can't hustle and use a piece stick to add minutes.
Instead of paying for meters till 6pm, it is now officially till 8PM. The City of Los Angeles is BROKE just like everyone else.

So remember 2 weeks ago when I treated myself out to a ds pair of 99 black Vs? Well, I bought another pair and I'm actually rocking them right now, so this is my 2nd attempt to rock a '99 retro pair. If this pair cracks, I will try again lol.
Recession got so deep that we even have post office drivers hustlin out of their rides! Edouche checking out whats good in the back.
EPPIN Manny Pacman tees. Straight from Philippines lol.

...And we have a happy customer. You can spot this Postal truck selling tees every Monday in front of RIF.

SPITZ never fails when it comes to deep fried goodies. Garlic fries and pita strips with a side of garlic sauce.

We just got this mixtape in the mail by Don Cannon and 9th Wonder. Ill be bumping this on the way home tonight and I'll let you know if its worth listening to. Thank you for the mixtape, highly appreciate it!

Brian, they call him Mr. Lawrys, everyone around gets all SALTY around his fits.
And we sticky fingers Eddie on the right, the only guy I know that jacked a Louis Vuitton trunk from the store. Don't get mad LOI!
Peep the infamous "BACON BITS" on the right, he is famous for eating bacon for 1 MONTH straight! Thank you brian for the exclusive picture.

ED <3's SAEM.


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