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Jan 20, 2010

Gloomy day, LA.

The RIF/Jeff Bailout Plan
, If your looking for quick cash for your sneakers this is the man to see. Peep the smile.... tell me you cant trust this man.
If your in Los Angeles im sure you've noticed the typhoon type weather. Ed was prepared today, he rolled up his pants and was sporting his Cristos in the rain, parading around Little Tokyo like a mad man.
"Stop Taking Pics Jeff."- Ed
Our Boy Chaz came through and it was a coincidence that our in-house body guard/bum was here to collect his weekly paycheck of $3.00 from Jeff.

Chaz wanted a limited edition signature from the "Skid Row heart breaker" Andre himself.
Peep the pics

Our 2nd year anniversary shirt.
CHAZ himself.
Andre " the skid row heart breaker"
If you see Andre around make sure to stop him and say hi. He has the most crazed stories ever!


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