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Jul 18, 2011


LA is not the only place that buying fresh sneakers is trending topic. Japan is ON RISE again when buying NIKE heat. Can you believe there are 60+ pairs in these boxes? Packed tighter than a can of sardines...all strategically dismantled boxes shoes packed. Flat boxing is the way to go if you want to save on shipping.

Part 1

perfect tee for what we do everyday...

Few shoe shots of day:::

Angel rockin some Thunders...

Manny beating those Visvim FBTs....

Young MUdouche undsing some Number (N)ines..

Visvim Gods blessed EDOUCHE with some Fbts...

Entry level VIS boots. Gotta start somewhere.

Hugo and Milo from EURO, first time @ the shop... dude on the left looks like Manny...

Master Splinter Edoki San putting in some work. Using that TB3 as a hand rest eh...

MUdouche luhs HOT CHEETOS...

Couple pre-owned Kobes and Air Maxes:::

These babies were only like $40 in the US sitting in shelves, but tell me why they hit $150 in Japan, dam they love leopard print!

Manny stole a pair out of 1 of the Japan boxes. Manny looks sick lol..

Before we started work, I made a personal bet with CARLitos that if he SOLD at least 8 pairs of shoes instore I'd give him the CO JP Dunk high that he was fiending for FREE. If he lost I would get lunch. Literally 4hours later CARLitos made it happen!

can't go wrong with free shoes : X

We don't even need to say who this is, you should already know

SO we had a customer who was literally debating for 3 hours in the store, going back and forth trying to figure out which 1 of the 2 pairs below he wanted. WE all thought this was a no brainer, finally he chose the royal aj1s that were only $300 DS.

been trying to put you on this dude forever :::


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