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Jul 28, 2011


Theres like a month and a half left of Summer, and school right around the corner for a lot of people. This is the time to make sure you have all your books ready, your pen and paper stocked up and ofcourse a fresh pair of kicks to start the new school year. But for Edoki San, he is well pass school, he always saids "schools is for fools", but tell me why he has his Masters Degree already. Bet you didn't know we was educated over @ RIF! well except heffe.

Nike Air Flow OG, must have for all people who love runners.

Thank You Nike for nothing F*CKING UP this OG colorway :)

Mudouche at your service, murad asked me if his eyes look dreamy in this picture? huh?

Kendrick Lamar - Keishas Song (Her Pain) Feat. Ashtro Bot off of Section.80 #2DOPE, must download his ablum #CLASSIC

These Primitive x Nike Sb P-rod Cali 2.5 were limited to only 24 pairs for the Grand Opening of their Berlin Flagship store. Bet you guys missed the size 10 we put up the other day for only about $175.00, and literally sold out in seconds, salute to the lucky customer. Edouche was actually thinking of buying these, but literally SLEPT like a typical shoe head, you FAILED man.

Even our friend Drewdice and his longtime girlfriend had a bad response when they heard Edouche slept.

smh my head @ these homegrown 90s
A bunch of size 11s just arrived, we'll make the full update on the website in a couple hours so stay tune to our new arrivals.

Even a handful of dope I.D.s that were personally designed in NY, not the ones you do online.


Guess who owns this at the shop? Ask Ed.

Michaelangelo told us he works for PBS, and that hes the purple TellyTubby. Hope hes not serious. Is this true?

hanging out with some everyday faces, young zee, young 3m, and young vic...

These Visvim boots range anywhere from like $1,200 - $3,000+ each ...

CDP IVs or '99 IVs, that is the question. 2 OBVIOUS.

RED SUPREME Bruins are always my favorite out of the 4 color ways, way to clean.

Green Lanterns:

Someone call 911! - ED
WHY? - Jeff
Manny just broke his neck! -ED

Jordans aren't always the ANSWER. -jeff

Demar Derozan came down and bought a couple fresh jordans to add to the collection, thanks for swinging by. We'll make sure to contact our size 13 consignment sellers to drop off more jays asap.

Check out this Twitpic he just posted on his Twitter, dude got nothing but jordans #JAYS4DAYS.


johnDEUCE said...

Yo Ed, or Manny! Its me John Deuce from yesterday. I had that blue Dont Buy Fake shirt on. When you guys update the blog, please put my blog link so people could peep it! JohnDeuce.blogspot.com. It was nice seeing the whole group all together again, that shit was mad weird when I walked in and Jeff, Ed, Manny & Murad was all in one roof. Been a good minute haha. See you kids soon

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