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Jul 13, 2011


Fresh RIF tees are being rocked, sneakers are being paraded around town, lovely ladies are scantly clad around LA...that only means ONE thing. ITs FULL ON SUMMER. The past months of hoarding all those sneakers now its TIME to break them out and SHINE harder than rihanna eye after C Breezy knocked her out.

If your breaking out those brand new sneakers might as well do it in style. Jeff just recently broke out his Undefeated IVs making the rest of us salty and wanting to wear any J's for a while.

Did we mention that we recieved the friends and family Dunk Sb Low ENTOURAGE's in? If this was '04 you best believe these would be hitting the $3000.00 range.

If your a fan of the show like us these shoes are a MUST (maybe the GR version) this picture showcases 2 of the best things to come out in the past 5 years. Nike SB's and Entourage.

black on black they call it CARL.

Speaking of Summer, the perfect SUMMER TEE's have landed and while your at it COPP a hat. Click the LINK.

Edouche making use of his Tantum Tee.

It was such a nice DAY we decided to take a 15 min breather and stroll down 2nd street. to venture for LUNCH.

FLYING Pig just opened its DOORS here at Little Tokyo and if your not an LA native these innovators of swine were originally a FOOD truck. Not only did they out grow their food truck, but doubled up on trucks and opened a LEGIT restaurant. ENTREPRENEURSHIP, the only way to fly.

Full menu with BAR.

Too bad half the menu is made for FOODIES.
"Donald Duck Tacos?, Im good"- Manny

maybe next time...

This is more like it, beef in a BUN just as God intended.

Our culinary palettes aren't experienced enough.

Manny so fascinated by his personal tumblr, maybe you should see why? MannyTUMBLR

guess whos that on the phone!

While waiting for our DELICIOUS MEAT SANMICHES we decided to take a few flicks of our beaters...

HEFF always staying COMFY

EDOUCHE Always with no socks via Adidas...

After a GOOD 15 minute wait we got back to the shop, only to be looking at this Again, not that its a bad thing.

The homie GAMEL's son SHININ...starting young.

lil gamels sneaker shot:

MOORAD also CAME down today, DID YOU KNOW IT WAS HIS BIRTHDAY yesterday? 7/12/11 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bro.

You still don't know how to wear VIS, maybe next year.

I guess MOORAD and CARL partied HARD last night.

THE BEST KOBE 6 colorway walked into the shop just as we started eating.

Our good friend Simon loves kicks and he loves painting them. Make sure to swing by the shop and check out this AJ 1 piece he did, o yea and its up for grabs!

And if your bored make sure to check us out on TUMBLR. You can see our 24 our hijinks

stay tuned gents.


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