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Jul 23, 2011

1985, 1994

Its hard to believe our 5 YEAR Anniversary mark is just months away (12/9/11), feels like we just had our 2 Year Anniversary just yesterday. People say time goes by a lot faster as you get older, but dam that fast? Shouts to all of our supporters who come down every year to make sure they get a piece of RIF LA history and best believe we got something cooking up for our 5 year Anniversary tee. BrunoMURAD copped our 2 year tee even before he was part of the RIF LA team, and yes that is Andre The Bum on the tee!

Our boy PAT recently grew out of all his shoes, he went from a size 9 all the way to a 10.5 and now we can't fit any of his personal Vans. He literally dropped off every DOPE pair of Vans that was made, mostly Vans Syndicate ofcourse! Dam I wish those Active Taka Hayashi J-LAYS were my size :(

Bunch of Jordans coming IN and OUT of the shop, all priced competitively UNDER everyone and thats a #FACT. Remember deals only last minutes on the website and all of a sudden they disappear like a fart in the wind.

We look jam packed @ the shop with kicks, but we never stop taking in kicks. If your price is reasonable and your easy to work with and don't want an ARM and leg for your kicks then bring them to us.
Good buddy of ours Franalations swung down to add another pair of 1st Series Sbs - Chocolates into his collezione. This dude got a MASSIVE amount of kicks and best believe he has a lot of quality in it. His recently added Holy Grail shoe, the infamous FLOM Dunk Hi Sbs can vouch! My neck is literally broken only twice a year, nothing really amazes me these days but stuff like this will do the dam thing.

dustins sneaker shot ::: all red vandals

Sometimes we get shoes that literally last 10 minutes, for example these obsidian 12s below. Most would consider these as NDS condition but we just noted them as worn (good).


My longtime friend Chard and his girlfriend Tiffany came down to the shop to pay me a visit and hopefully come out with some heaters.

tiffs sneaker shot: '94 retro 1s that she copped from US !

chards sneaker shot: tiffany sbs that he should of bought from us.. jk.

and these beautiful '85 aj 1s strolled in, he was telling us how he came up on them for only $100 off of Craigslist.


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