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Jul 20, 2011


Sneakers make the world go round right? I remember the first couple years @ RIF we would always wait for huge shipments of sneakers from Japan, even came to the point where we would get boxes every week for 2 years straight. Now its our turn to return the favor, you can say we are RE.IN.FORCING Japan. Shouts to our brothers @ LA AVENUE, we got shoes on the way!

sk8 hi LA DOYER samples:

w)taps sk8 mid sample:

some dope royal rudeez w)taps samples:

black on black w)taps chukkas:

og w)taps sk8 his:

we can't forget about Mr. Taka Hayashi, too bad he designs for Vault....#WEAK

Good o'l Visim blessing everyone. Everything is better when they come in twos right?

Speaking of twos, you know we had to f*ck with 2 platters of pasta from Pizza Hut, its a must on Tuesdays! well because its 2 for like $12.00 and you can literally feed about 5 people.

Nima aka BALLERTOTHEND never stops fiending for steals, he came out with a pair of DS Kobe 6 3D's for $120.00. You know we gotta leave the STEALS for our devoted in-store customers.

Los Angeles native, Melvin Silgas came down to pick up his consignment check, but like 75% of the sellers who do pick up their check end up giving it back to us anyways and copping a FRESH pair of kicks in the store. You can use your consignment check towards any shoes instore and you will not get charged tax. TAKE ADVANTAGE KIDS...

Melvin ended up spotting some SAMPLE DS Supreme Mtn editions at the corner of his eye for a very nice price, you can't go wrong for under retail especially if the sample is different from the release version. Only @ RIF. #GPHGP

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