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Jul 31, 2011

Mister Cartoon

I know I haven't been browsing around sneaker blogs in a longtime, and I know I forget 90% of the stuff that comes out these days, but I'm pretty sure these Golden AJ 5s are FAKE. I wouldn't be surprise if Jordan Brand saw this picture and decided to make the same exact shoes, considering a lot of retros these days look fake.

WE see fakes come in everyday at the shop, but this time around we needed to call someone to take care of this matter. Click Read More... to see who came to save the day.

Minutes later Officer Edouche came strolling in, but he was a tad to late. If you ever need some assistance with somebody wearing FAKE SHOES please call 1-800 EDOUCHE.

It was a Throw The Jordans In The Bag Day for our local friend below, Ima call him Mister 7 PURRS.

1 of 11 members of Odd Future, Domo knows where to cop pair of OG jordans. I remember these kids in line waiting for the BAPE LA Store Opening, now they blew up and BAPE flows them free gear from head to toe.

dOmOs sneaker shot:::

If you ever see more than 3 items of 1 specific Supreme item, just assume Jonli is somewhere in the building #FACT

If your a Green type of person and you don't like joints and your just tired of using Swisher Sweets, then move onto some Splitarillos. They wanted us to throw one in each shopping bag, but thats probably not gonna happen.
Rozay Wine...
DJ Boogie Brown came down from San Francisco to drop off a few mixed cds he put together, we'll be putting 1 in each bag and online order till we run out. Hope ya'll like some dope hip hop.

this is for the cats searching for love, Edouche will be handing these out personally.

its a bird!, not its a plane!, nah its a g5!, nope its a Ballistic UNDFTD Hi. One of our usual locals came down to break all of our necks, next time Ima shoot him on his feet.... since they are supposedly made out of kevlar which is bullet proof.

Mister Assaf with Lil Assaf, father and son picture of the day:

edouche and dickeyjones, brothers picture of the day:

who else owns a patent leather courier inspired air force 1 low id? none other than...

none other than Mister MTRLSTC himself. O yea and Ed trying to be in every picture.

is that you John?! rocking the old school BFSST tee!? thats like 5 years old right there homie.

dunksrnice .... jordansarenicer.net

Pablo and Scott flew down from Miami, Florida with a few hundreds to blow and just a backpack, after a day it was back to Florida. You kids are crazy!

Legendary LA tattoo artist Mister Cartoon came into the shop minutes before we were gonna close, luckily we all noticed who he was right away.

Mannyakee made him sign his Mister Cartoon doll, he had that doll sitting in the back forever waiting for this very day.

He even dropped off a personal gem of his, the AF1 Mr. Cartoon LA Spiderweb Hyperstrike in a size US 9. He even took the time to make it even more unique by adding some Mister Cartoon ink on the box.

Mister Cartoon is focused at what he does best..

pure greatness...

Shouts to Mister Cartoon for showing the shop some love, he didn't have to buy anything but he ended up even buying a couple pair of jordans.


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