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Aug 1, 2011


Look who's back after a short trip to his homeland of beautiful Mexico, none other than Young Carl! Ya'll already forgot he was half mexican? well he's back and he's ready to sell some shoes and meet some new women. Don't act like you don't see the new SWAG, Carl got rid of his huge fro and upgraded to a fresh taper...you can't forget the new shades he copped in Mexico.

Check out this BEFORE picture of CRUNCHY CARL. He is no longer crunchy! sometimes it takes a haircut to look a little more mature, someone please HINT Edouche!

A haircut really does change a person, he even blessed the whole staff with some donuts from Mexico! alright im kidding he got them somewhere around the 909 area near his pad, but dam they were good.

Young Carl wanted to show his newfound swag to the world so he went over to Pinkberry to see if this one chick was working that he's been jockin. Sadly she wasn't working and was greeted by Paco.

He even slipped on a pair of OG BRED 11s that he came up on for only $100.00 at the shop, ofcourse we get first dibs on kicks!

Pinkberry is for people who love fruit, but if you love fat then go to Yogurt Land ofcourse.

Paco is focused man.

young Carls Pinkberry:
Now that Young Carls here, and we are officially in BACK 2 SCHOOL MODE, its time to sell some shoes! So make sure to hit our online shop to stay updated on new arrivals or simply come by the shop and get $OLD by Carl.


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