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Aug 23, 2011


Do you guys ever wonder why we have the best customer service in Los Angeles, or maybe in the world? Its because here at RIF LA, we all put our egos to the side and understand that nobody wants to be treated like SH!T. Like what do people benefit from making other people feel lower than them? you gain nothing at all. No one gives a f*ck about COOL PEOPLE, its about meeting good people who make you feel welcome when you come in. Oh yea and we all eat medicated cookies to stay positive :) i'm kidding!

maybe carl does lol
WARNING: May cause drowsiness, Do not sell shoes while using this medicine. We have kids that read our blog, so please DO NOT DO DRUGS, its not even worth trying...TRUST!

WHY does that Fragment Design logo need to be strong, i wish i can have another pair of converse fragments..but that Fragment logo makes these babies cost like $250+. OUCH.

Doesn't it cost more if its a SAMPLE?

Can you believe 1 baby in Lake Elsinore will soon own 3 pairs ORIGINAL 13s? Having your seed decked out in fresh kicks is a must if you personally love kicks.

Ryan, Eric, and Mike came down from Cerritos... these guys look thirsty for kicks, especially Ryan on the left. You Can't beat LA, only the Dallas Mavericks can.

Hawk always finds time to come by the shop when we drop new shirts, thanks for always coming through brotha. Batangas 4 Life!

sneaky tats::

YES, people really do bring by fruity shoes like this by the shop, literally fruity. YES, you are seeing a banana on a fake wanna sb dunk hi shoe. Even Eds friend below couldn't believe someone would try and consign this garbage, bring that shit to Goodwill!


By the way, The Game just released his #RED ALBUM via Itunes, so make sure to cop that! Our boy Kendrick Lamar has a track on there and for you ODD FUTURE fans, Tyler, The Creator got a track on there 2 w/Lil Wayne.

This wolf looking dog was trying to bite Manny, maybe Manny shouldn't try and pet dogs anymore.

dog wolf tryna look all innocent, we don't trust you!

It must be RIF LA DAY if we having Shrimp Tacos, today was a good day... thanks MANNY!

i wanna have this manana man (i learned a spanish word!)

Our friend z)double)e reppin that RIF LA! #GPHGP #RIFLA. Follow the man behind TANTUM LA via his Tumblr.


David D. said...

Those Consolidated joints were made as a backlash against Nike for not endorsing the actual Send Helps as a Consolidated shoe (House graphic designer for Conso was approached to design an insole and agreed)

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