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Aug 8, 2011


Yesterday, we just release our new pocket tee "Serape" or Mexican blanket pocket tee.
As soon as we opened, people coming in and buying the black colorway in size Large and we sold out of the black size Large in an instant!

Also, be sure to check out the pockets because some pockets are in different colors.
So, choose wisely!

Come and get them before it's too late!

Our models:
Manwell wears an X-Large.
MoOrad wears a Large

MoOrad doing the stink face.

Different color shading from light to dark.

"It's summer, but why is it cold?"

"Hey ilnoj, I'm tired of modeling already!" - Manwell.
"Yeah, whatever bro!" - MoOrad.

Alright, one more picture guys! SMILE!


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